Making Bankruptcy Easy

It’s About the Process!


easyYou shouldn’t have to fill out a mountain of paperwork, so from start to finish we focus on making bankruptcy easy for you.  This is accomplished by: eliminating paperwork, pulling your credit for you, being available via text and phone almost 24-7, and by simplifying our process.

If bankruptcy isn’t  your best option and if our office doesn’t do a better job for a better price then you shouldn’t hire us.  That’s why we try so hard to be different from all the other Utah and Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorneys.  If you’ve already met with an attorney, you already know most attorneys rush you and don’t take time to talk about all your concerns. Whether you are filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy or a chapter 13 bankruptcy; we take all the time needed to help you navigate your options.


What is the Cost?

costOur fees are charged on a per-case basis, hence simple cases cost less than complicated cases.


Our Process

– Contact us (short phone call or text)

– Free consultation in office or over the phone

– After paying $100, you can tell your creditors that you are going to file bankruptcy and refer them to us.

– After paying $500 or more, we pull your credit report, and get you started on all the requirements in order to file.

– Once you are paid in full and we have all your documents prepared , we schedule you for an appointment to file.

– About a month after filing you must attend the 341 Meeting of creditors with our attorney. This is mandatory for all bankruptcies.

– At least 60 days after the 341 meeting you get a discharge letter from the court: this means your debt is discharged. (FREEDOM!)


If you are stressed or if you just want more information, We Can Help

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