Chapter 13

Chapter 13 for $500 down

- A faster way to stop wage garnishments.

- Get your car back from repossession

- Stop the foreclosure sale date on your home

There are many reasons to file chapter 13 over chapter 7 so we are making it easier than ever to get filed. You just need to come up with the court fee of $310 and $73.00 for 2 classes and a credit report. We will push the majority of our attorney fees into the chapter 13 plan.

What is a Chapter Thirteen bankruptcy?

A common misconception about a chapter thirteen bankruptcy is that you have to repay all your debts. It’s pretty rare that someone has to do this, however a chapter 13 does involve a payment plan. The two most common reasons why people pay unsecured debt are: 1st they make too much money to qualify for chapter 7 so they pay back what they can afford according to their budget. 2nd, they have a luxury item that they don’t want to  lose in chapter 7 so in the chapter 13 plan they are paying the creditors what that item is worth.


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