Google Should Create what I would call “Txt Extensions”, Related to Adwords

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We’ve all used them, the classic submission form, but is there a better way?  Yes, texting serves the same purpose but is much easier and yields a greater ROI .  I’m not ready to delete “Contact Form 7” from my WordPress, but here’s why texting works for us.

I work for a Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Firm managing the website and our Google Adwords campaign.  In the past the most effective way for us to get new clients was by using Adwords to get people to our site and the end goal, have them complete a Contact Form on our website.  This creates a way for our potential clients to contact us in a nonthreatening way or in a way they feel comfortable.

About a year ago I started texting clients that needed to pay us.  I chose to text them because it was easier to have that hard conversation around money via text.  That’s when I reversed that idea and started allowing people to text me if they were interested in getting more information about bankruptcy.   Since I started doing this I’ve seen a grater ROI on our total ad spend and although my right hand is feeling a little cramped from texting, I’m willing to deal with that until I get a program I can use to text from my computer.

What would “Txt Extensions” be?  Just like call extensions, but texting instead of calling.  I want them to implement this so I can include texting in my conversion tracking.

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